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Secure the latest ski and snowboard models at the start of the winter season at Sport Stefan in Filzmoos.

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movelo – e-bike rental at Sport Stefan

Explore the Filzmoos mountain landscape on an electric bike

Savour the gentler side of biking in the movelo-region Filzmoos-Schladming-Ramsau. Simply rent a Swiss Flyer electric bike from one of our shops in Filzmoos. A network of rental and battery charging stations guarantee endless mobility.

Movelos are pedelecs, bikes with normal pedal movements supported by a silent electric motor.

Thus guests can effortlessly conquer steep ascents and demanding routes in Filzmoos in summer and enjoy the fantastic views of the Dachstein and the Bischofsmütze mountains to the full.

The easy "Hofalm tour" from Filzmoos to the Hofalm and the more demanding Filzmoos-Ramsau tour are just two of the 14 marked e-bike tours.

Our qualified staff are ready and waiting with your Swiss-Flyer.

Movelo - rental of E-Bikes

E-Bike-rental in Filzmoos

Movelo - E-Bike-Verleih in Filzmoos

movelo – the holiday experience with an electric bike. Sport Stefan – you e-bike specialist in Filzmoos.