Ski rental in Filzmoos, Ski amadé

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Secure the latest ski and snowboard models at the start of the winter season at Sport Stefan in Filzmoos.

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Sport Stefan GmbH
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Snow boot clinic

Individual insoles via digital foot anaylsis

To guarantee the perfect boot fit is necessary, in addition to various standard types, to offer customisable materials and above all insoles fitted to suit the individual person and their needs.

With the help of newly-developed scan technology a quick analysis of plantar pressure conditions is made visible. The results of this analysis allow us to produce a personally fitted insole. Thus an insole suited to the requirements of the customer can be produced within minutes.
Photo: © Salomon

Foot scan

Target customers

  • Skiers
  • Cross country skiers
  • Hikers & mountain climbers
  • Runners
  • Golfers
  • Cyclists

Personal insoles are not just for sporting activities, they improve the wearing comfort of any shoe and protect your health.